Perfect Pattern Paper – Tissue One Inch Grid Printed


Perfect Pattern Paper

This multipurpose grid-printed tissue paper is the essential design and fit tool for crafters, sewers, and quilters. The sturdy, translucent quality makes it compatible with pattern tissue for alterations and tissue-fitting, and it is strong enough to sew through without tearing. Our fitting students love it and wouldn’t be without it!

two 84″ x 48″ sheets

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USE THIS TISSUE PAPER FOR SEWING & CRAFTS - Alterations, fitting, designing and enlarging purposes. 

ALTERATIONS: Best to alter tissue sewing patterns with real tissue pattern paper which makes lengthening, shortening, widening or narrowing so much easy!

TISSUE-FIT FASHIONS: Try on tissue pattern paper to check fit of the pattern before you sew!

DESIGNING GARMENTS : The built-in grain lines and bias lines are a real plus while you create your own patterns to sew. Also is very helpful to match plaids and other one direction patterns.

DUPLICATE PATTERNS: Trace over your original pattern to keep it intact and make alternations on this pattern paper

MULTI SIZE PATTERNS: Create multiple patterns by tracing each size on tissue paper.

ENLARGE CRAFT DESIGNS: Take 1/8 or 1/4 scale to full scale.

QUILTING: A must-have for grid work in designing quilts or "tissue-quilting."



After years of frustration with other brands of pattern paper for sewing we decided to develop our own brand of  which we named "Perfect Pattern Paper." No need to waste your time tracing and then sewing to fit your projects well; no need for Swedish Tracing paper. Use the Palmer Pletsch Tissue Fitting Method that hundreds of sewers worldwide confirm is the easiest and best way to fit your sewing projects.

Here's why we consider it the "Perfect" paper for fashion sewers, quilters, crafters and woodworkers too!

  1. Translucent paper that is easy to see through to trace off sewing patterns, to retain the original, in multiple sizes whether you use McCalls, Vogue, Simplicity, or Butterick, this is the right paper for you.
  2. Printed Grid with Grainlines - One-inch square grid pattern helps in measuring and also in aligning straight or bias grain line.
  3. Lightweight tissue-thin paper that is the same that major companies like McCall' Sewing Patterns utilize. As such, when altering designs, and using the Palmer Pletsch Tissue Fitting System,  for your very best fit, this paper tapes together easily.
  4. Folds easily and small - so you can fold your altered patterns to fit back into the original envelope for storage.
  5. Easy to Store - Come in a zip lock plastic bag so it easy to keep handy in your sewing room since it fits well on shelves or file cabinets - not a big bulky roll!

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