Palmer/Pletsch has long been committed to teaching sewing, and to teach others to become successful sewing teachers. We love helping others go into the business of teaching sewing through our teacher training programs, seminars for teachers, and other teacher resources.

Palmer/Pletsch Teacher Training Classes

Teacher training comes in several formats depending on the topic. It is designed to give you the professional tools and confidence to begin teaching the subject you were trained in. You will also be able to benefit by using the Palmer/Pletsch name and reputation to help build your classes and network with hundreds of Palmer/Pletsch instructors worldwide. Plus, it will qualify you to apply to be a Palmer/Pletsch Certified Sewing Instructor. It is advisable to read the book The Business of Teaching Sewing before you arrive so you will be able to ask questions about anything you need more information on. The book was written based on over 40 years of teaching all kinds of classes including traveling seminars.

  • NOTE: This teacher training product may only be purchased by those who have completed the Master Your Serger at Home program and submitted their notebook for review. Request approval for purchasing and download instructions. The CD includes all of the notebook pages for a variety of class formats ready to print out and use in your teaching. It also includes 290 slides, a script, the slides in PowerPoint, and marketing ideas for serger classes. It would cost you thousands of dollars to create this many professional slides! If you already are an experienced serger teacher, we have made this CD available to you as well; however, although you won’t be authorized to bill yourself as a Palmer/Pletsch trained instructor, it will give you some new professional tools to use for your serger classes.
  • TEACHER TRAINING TAILORING - Must accompany Jacket Class Registration NOTE: This teacher training product may only be purchased by those who have taken the tailoring workshop. Request approval for purchasing and download instructions. This TEACHER TRAINING CD includes printable sample page PDFs for teaching a 5-hour Super Beginner Serger Workshop, a 1-day Hands-on Workshop, and notebook pages for a 4-day Hands-on Workshop PLUS 287 slides in PowerPoint with script so that you can also teach slide/lecture seminars. Also, included are pricing ideas, classroom set-up ideas, and class formats for teaching serger classes, as well as marketing ideas and more."

Are you a sewing teacher? Here are some Palmer/Pletsch Products and Resources for teaching!

  • AFTER you have taken EITHER Fit, or Pant Fitting & Sewing PLUS its teacher training, OR the Beginning Fashion Sewing Teacher Training workshop, you qualify to apply to be a Palmer/Pletsch Certified Sewing Instructor. After applying, to maintain your certification, each year you will need to earn 100 points called PDUs, Professional Development Units, in order to renew your certification. Taking additional workshops qualify for points as well, 50 for 5-day workshops, 40 for 4-day workshops, and 20 for 2-day mini workshops. We will also give you a list of the things you can do to earn PDUs, all of which will help you improve your business (a list can be found in the application/renewal form). This program is designed as a continuing education program so you can constantly better yourself and your skills.
  • Apron for Artists and Chefs Pattern

    The Apron for Artists and Chefs pattern was designed to help a beginner learn to sew successfully. For example, the side edges are on the straight of grain, not bias. The guide was written by teachers and tested by students over a two-year period. Make a toddler apron to match an adult's - all sizes are included in the one pattern! Beginning sewing teachers—this pattern can be the basis of a series of classes. This pattern is used with the Learn to Sew With Janet Corzatt beginner's sewing program.
  • Unisex Kimono Robe & Pajamas Pattern

    This unisex pattern for teens to adults is designed for beginning sewists and is the second pattern in our Learn to Sew series. Like the Apron for Artist & Chefs, it is used with the Learn to Sew With Janet Corzatt beginner’s sewing program. Beginning sewing teachers—this pattern can be the basis of a series of classes.
  • The BUSINE$$ of Teaching Sewing

    SECOND EDITION by Marcy Miller and Pati Palmer Now is the ideal time to enter the business of teaching sewing. As sewing curriculum in the schools diminishes, thousands are looking elsewhere to learn to sew, or to improve their sewing skills. This newly revised book compiles more than 30 years of teaching ideas gleaned from thousands of classes taught by Palmer/Pletsch corporate educators. The authors guide you through setting up a business, identifying what, where and when to teach, creating lesson plans and visuals for teaching, then marketing yourself and your "product." Reproducible and editable business forms and teaching handouts give you a head start on making money teaching sewing.
  • Seminar: 20 Tips to Improve all of Your Fashion Sewing 

    PowerPoint Presentation Download This slide-filled seminar contains the most important tips that will change anyone's sewing life for the better, whether they're working on fashion or home decorating projects. For problems with sleeves, easing, puckers, choosing the right interfacing, fitting challenges, sewing different shaped seams together, piping in fashion or home dec, choosing flattering styles, or ending up with a garment you are not proud to wear, this class has the answers. The download includes a 145-slide PowerPoint presentation, script, and seminar marketing materials.
  • Seminar: 20 More Tips to Improve All Your Fashion Sewing

    PowerPoint Presentation Download We heard great success stories from many of you who bought the 20 Tips seminar. You said it gave you an instant class. Many of you taught it many times and had great success in attendance and sales. Many of you used it to promote your hands-on classes. I was so pleased, since the seminar involved hundreds if not thousands of hours to create if you add all the sample making and photography over the years. The download includes a 142-slide PowerPoint presentation, script, seminar marketing materials, and a list of what you can purchase to sell when you teach the seminar.
  • Seminar: Looking Good...Every Day: Style Solutions for Real Women

    PowerPoint Presentation Download Use this presentation to teach images classes. This colorful, instructive slide presentation has a detailed script on line and color theory, proportion, personal style, and much, much more, complete with examples. The download includes a 118-slide PowerPoint presentation, script, and marketing materials. COMPANION BOOK AVAILABLE LookingGood-m
  •   This "Palmer/Pletsch Beginning Fit for Fashion Sewers" seminar is based on McCall’s M6750, The 3-Hour Perfect Shirt. This seminar gives teachers an easy way to teach fit using a fashion pattern with the alteration lines printed on the tissue. If you are not using PowerPoint, just download the PDF which incorporates the pictures of the slides with the script. Follow along when teaching a hands-on class. For a small class you could give the overview presentation in PowerPoint on your computer. If you are using a digital projector, it would also make a great seminar for a consumer show or guild group. Included in the free download: Script as both Word document and PDF, 82-slide PowerPoint presentation, and PDF of PowerPoint presentation. Order M6750 patterns for teaching: M6750_cover
  • Seminar: Perfect Fusing—The Latest Solutions to Garment Shaping

    PowerPoint Presentation Download for Sewing Teachers Palmer/Pletsch has made choosing and using interfacings simpler than ever before. Teach a seminar on how to use fusibles. Read the script as you project the PowerPoint slides on your laptop or use a digital projector. Your audience will learn how to select and use fusible interfacings in blouses, dresses, and jackets. Following the seminar you or your sponsor can sell the PerfectFuse interfacings and the Palmer/Pletsch DVD Perfect Fusing: The Latest Solutions to Garment Shaping. The download includes a 95-slide PowerPoint presentation and script.
  • Only with one previous paid teacher training class

    Video and manual, each $19.95; Combo price $34.95 Not only will you learn how to teach children to sew, but also how to form competent little people who respect both people and things in this teaching system designed by teacher and author Winky Cherry. You will be introducing them to the joys of sewing, and also to a "method of learning" that can be used in all phases of their education. Levels progress from hand sewing to embroidery, doll-making, machine sewing, patchwork and quilting. Author and teacher Winky Cherry believes that children should learn to sew by hand before they learn to use a sewing machine. For ages 5 and up. Also available are book kits and teaching supplies for each of the six levels.

What's Next? Becoming a Certified Palmer/Pletsch Instructor!

AFTER you have taken EITHER Fit, Pant Fitting & Sewing, Tailoring OR Master your Serger at Home, PLUS its teacher training, OR the Beginning Fashion Sewing Teacher Training workshop, you qualify to apply to be a Palmer/Pletsch Certified Sewing Instructor. Your contact info will then be in the teacher listing on our website as a Certified Sewing Instructor.

Once certified, you are authorized to promote yourself as a Palmer/Pletsch Certified Sewing Instructor and we will promote you nationally as a teacher certified in the Palmer/Pletsch System of Sewing.

Students of the Palmer/Pletsch workshops who also take teacher training are one of our most valuable assets. They return to their homes around the world, ready to teach the Palmer/Pletsch system of sewing. This newsletter is a way for our teachers to share their news and for Pati Palmer to share teacher-related news from Palmer/Pletsch.