Your sewing studio would not be complete without helpful notions to make your sewing faster, easier and more successful for every project you sew.

The notions that we carry are tested by our Certified Sewing Instructors, who find them high quality products that give home sewers professional results. Our best-selling Perfect Pattern Paper is great for both garment sewers and quilters. Machine embroidery benefits from PerfectSew Liquid Stabilizer. Pattern makers lover our French Curve Ruler. And SewkeysE Knit Stay Tape is what you need to control knit fabrics on necklines and hems. Look for these notions and more below!

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    • CLOVER-Bias Tape Maker makes the task of making bias tapes easy with a great looking result. Create your own bias tapes in minutes. Perfect for Celtic Quilting; binding and more. Complete instructions included.
  • Fastastic Elastic!

    FROM PAMELA's PATTERNS Fantastic Elastic will change how you use elastic forever! Now you can master elastic with a ready-to-wear look! Fantastic Elastic is 1-1/2" wide but can be cut lengthwise to virtually any width, down to 1/4", without raveling or compromising the stretch. This elastic gives any garment you make, a smooth waistline finish! Easy to follow instructions included 4-YARD PACKAGE OF 1 1/2" WIDE ELASTIC. AVAILBLE IN BLACK AND WHITE
  • Color fixative for commercially dyed cotton fabrics. For best results treat fabric with Retayne before washing it for the first time or placing it into your quilts.
  • Perfect Pattern Paper This multipurpose grid-printed tissue paper is the essential design and fit tool for crafters, sewers, and quilters. The sturdy, translucent quality makes it compatible with pattern tissue for alterations and tissue-fitting, and it is strong enough to sew through without tearing. Our fitting students love it and wouldn't be without it! two 84" x 48" sheets
  • 5-in-1 Sliding Gauge

    A multi-functional sliding gauge for easy marking, this hem gauge is redesigned with thought. The slider locks in place at 1/8” increments.  The wide measuring edge increases accuracy. In addition to using it as a seam allowance and hem gauge, use it to space and mark buttonholes, and as a compass to draw perfect circles when a pin is inserted into a hole in the gauge.
  • Seam Ripper

    Use this handy tool for cutting thread on seams or button holes. When your existing seam ripper struggles to rip, you risk cutting the fabric. A new seam ripper is in order! This is our favorite ergonomic seam ripper. Pati suggests having a spare for when the other one starts to dull.
  • Lite Steam-a-Seam 2 Double Stick Fusible Tape 1/4  and 1/2" widths

    Both sizes"1/4 and 1/2 inch-wide double stick light fusible tape bonds permanently when ironed. And it virtually disappears into lace! We discovered this product while writing Knits for Real People. The “2” means it has been improved by making both sides of the fusible web sticky. This paper-back sticky fusible web can be stuck to the edge of a hem, paper removed, turned up and stuck to the fabric, then fused. We like to lightly touch the paper with the iron for better hold so we can stick it all the way around the hem. Then remove the paper, measure and turn up the hem using the Nancy Zieman hem gauge, and stick it in place. Then fuse. 20- yard package
  • PerfectSew Wash-away Liquid Fabric Stabilizer PerfectSew penetrates fabric to stiffen it for a multitude of sewing projects, including machine embroidery. It is the only patented water-soluble product for penetrating fabric to stiffen it for sewing. Our new thicker solution provides maximum stabilization-greater stiffness in only one application. available in 8-oz and 32-oz bottles
  • Perfect Waistbands 1" Non-Roll Monofilament Nylon Waistband Interfacing 6-yard package- 4 Easy Steps! You will never go back to anything else after using this interfacing in your waistbands!
    1. Sew the interfacing to the seam allowance of the band.
    2. Sew the band to the skirt or pant.
    3. Trim inter-facing to the desired length and finish ends of band by sewing next to the interfacing.
    4. Hand finish near the ends. Stitch the rest of the band in the well of the seam.