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  • Couture — The Art of Fine Sewing

    by Roberta Carr Couture is an attitude. Now, thanks to Roberta's writing and Palmer Pletsch's publishing efforts, couture is available to everyone with an interest in quality, style and individuality.
  • Théâtre de la Mode

    Fashion Dolls: The Survival of Haute Couture

    Liberation in the fall of 1944 after four years of foreign Occupation found Paris surviving on minimal resources. Hoping to make a statement to the world that Paris was still the center of fashion, couturiers, jewelers, milliners, hairdressers, and theatre designers joined together to present the Théâtre de la Mode.

    Using the ages-old tradition of traveling miniature mannequins dressed in current couture, the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture mobilized a whole industry with unprecedented cooperation and creativity to prove that life could begin again through these 27” tall ambassadors of fashion. This book tells their story.

  • Dream Sewing Spaces

    Design & Organization for Spaces Large & Small — Second Edition

    by Lynette Ranney Black

    At last... a book to help you turn your dream into a reality. Whether you have a closet, laundry room, a corner of the family room, a spare bedroom, or even the attic, author Lynette Ranney Black guides and inspires you with pages of color photos, plus, selecting lighting and cabinets. Learn how to make the most of the space you have. Check out the hundreds of storage ideas. She even shows you how to reorganize existing closets to make room for sewing storage. The Second Edition includes new sewing room photos, lots of color, and updated information. 

    5.00 out of 5
  • Creative Serging for the Home and Other Quick Decorating Ideas

    SECOND EDITION by Lynette Ranney Black and Linda Wisner Discover hundreds of decorating ideas. Inviting, personalized rooms range from rustic and country to contemporary and elegant, with inspiring photos and easy-to-follow illustrated how-tos for window and wall coverings, table toppers, furniture and bed covers, pillows, napkins and accessories. Easy no-sew techniques combined with serger finishes, decorative threads and simple sewing.
  • Sewing With Sergers

    The Complete Handbook for Overlock Sewing— Third Edition

    by Gail Brown and Pati Palmer  Sewing With Sergers has guided hundreds of thousands of serger owners. It is THE book to have by your serger as you venture into this whole new realm of sewing. Gail Brown and Pati Palmer hold your hand and you learn the machine... and the basics of serging.
    5.00 out of 5
  • Mother Pletsch's Painless Sewing

    with Pretty Pati's Perfect Pattern Primer — Fourth Edition

    by Pati Palmer, Susan Pletsch This completely revised Mother Pletsch's Painless Sewing is a lighthearted book for both beginners and those who want a sewing brush up... the most uncomplicated sewing book of the century! Learn to sew FAST, with professional-looking results. And with Pretty Pati's Perfect Pattern Primer, you'll find your clothes fit better than ever before, thanks to co author Pati Palmer, who also designs for The McCall Pattern Company as The Fit Expert. From selecting fabric to cutting, fitting, shaping, and those all-important details, you'll love sewing, and you'll love the results.
  • Pants For Any Body

    by Pati Palmer and Susan Pletsch Yes, you can look GOOD in pants. Learn to make pants that FIT using the easy to follow step by step problem and solution illustrations in Pants for Any Body. Noted fashion sewing authorities Pati Palmer and Susan Pletsch have designed pant fit & fashion patterns for Vogue Patterns and now for The McCall Pattern Company. They have compiled years of pant fitting and sewing experience into this easy to follow book that guides you from choosing a fabric and flattering style all the way to the finishing details... as they apply to plain pants, trousers, cutlottes, jumpsuits, and jeans for the whole family.
  • Hand Mending Made Easy It's EASY to save money and time, quickly mend a ripped seam, easily fix a hem. Sew on a button? No problem. Five minute repairs! Author Nan L. Ides brings you this book written specifically for the non-sewer. See how easy it is to do your own mending--a skill that anyone old enough to hold a needle can learn to do. Save time and money by making simple repairs in minutes, instead of taking the garment to a tailor. Gain self-confidence by learning new skills that are simple and easy.
  • My First Sewing Book—Hand Sewing

    Second Edition by Winky Cherry This book provides a fun sewing experience for children as young as 5 years. Read the book aloud (it's written in rhyme!), then help children follow directions as they sew and stuff one of many shapes from the book. The books comes as part of a kit, which includes: ▪ Two sets of precut shapes from quality felt ▪ 3 yards each of four colors of crochet thread--enough to create two projects. ▪ 43 patterns for additional projects. This book and kit is the first in the My First Sewing Book series.
  • My First Embroidery Book — A Name Sampler

    Second Edition by Winky Cherry Through simple rhymes and clever illustrations, this book introduces children ages 5 and up to embroidery. Part of Winky Cherry's hands-on approach, the projects encourage children to slow down and enjoy the process of learning to sew. Fledgling embroiderists will learn basic techniques, such as the cross-stitch, by stitching their names onto gingham using charts as guides. Inspiring young students to think of embroidery as art, the simple rules in this how-to show kids how to stitch letters, borders, and hearts. The book comes as part of a kit which includes: ▪ 8" embroidery hoop ▪ gingham fabric ▪ flannel backing fabric to eliminate show-through ▪ crochet thread...enough for one name sampler This book is the second in the My First Sewing Book series.
  • My First Doll Book—Hand Sewing

    Second Edition by Winky Cherry Making a doll is a way for children to capture a spirit, make a friend, express skills, and expand awareness of the world and their relationship to it. Boys and girls have a great time making a felt doll version of themselves using hand-sewing skills (learned in "My First Sewing Book) and embroidery skills (learned in My First Embroidery Book). Plus they learn to make simple clothes.  This book is part of a kit which includes: ▪ Two cut-out dolls (two different skin tones) ▪ Crochet thread ▪ Yarn for hair This is the third book and kit in the My First Sewing Book series.
  • My First Machine Sewing Book — Straight Stitching

    Second Edition by Winky Cherry With a clear understanding of the concepts of sewing, and the skills developed through hand sewing and embroidery, children are now introduced to the sewing machine on an elementary level, substituting pictures for words, for repetition, and to help children who are learning to read. Silly names for machine parts help children remember. The book is part of a kit that includes: ▪ Sewing practice sheets ▪ Fabric for two stars This book and kit is the fourth in the My First Sewing Book series, and the first machine sewing book.