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  • My First Machine Patchwork Book — Sewing Projects

    Second Edition by Winky Cherry

    This book introduces the process of patchwork to beginners as they make a "Four Patch Block" by hand or machine. The sequence of construction is as important as the finished work. It also introduces the iron as a sewing tool, and teaches a beginner to use a seam guide.

    This books comes as a kit complete with:

    ▪ patch template ▪ alphabet code flat pattern sheets

    This book and kit is the fifth in the My First Sewing Book series, and the second machine sewing book.

  • My First Quilt Book — Machine Sewing

    Second Edition by Winky Cherry This book uses a quilt plan and machine sewing skills to make a pieced quilt with sashing strips and square blocks. The quilt is finished quickly by attaching the back of the quilt using the pillow-making process. The three layers of the quilt are held together with yarn ties so the quilt may be used over the period of time it will take the child to add quilting stitches by hand or machine. This book is part of a kit which includes: ▪ Template ▪ Quilt Plans This book and kit is the final one in the My First Sewing Book series.

    Video and manual, each $19.95; Combo price $34.95 Not only will you learn how to teach children to sew, but also how to form competent little people who respect both people and things in this teaching system designed by teacher and author Winky Cherry. You will be introducing them to the joys of sewing, and also to a "method of learning" that can be used in all phases of their education. Levels progress from hand sewing to embroidery, doll-making, machine sewing, patchwork and quilting. Author and teacher Winky Cherry believes that children should learn to sew by hand before they learn to use a sewing machine. For ages 5 and up. Also available are book kits and teaching supplies for each of the six levels.
  • The BUSINE$$ of Teaching Sewing

    SECOND EDITION by Marcy Miller and Pati Palmer Now is the ideal time to enter the business of teaching sewing. As sewing curriculum in the schools diminishes, thousands are looking elsewhere to learn to sew, or to improve their sewing skills. This newly revised book compiles more than 30 years of teaching ideas gleaned from thousands of classes taught by Palmer/Pletsch corporate educators. The authors guide you through setting up a business, identifying what, where and when to teach, creating lesson plans and visuals for teaching, then marketing yourself and your "product." Reproducible and editable business forms and teaching handouts give you a head start on making money teaching sewing.
  • Bridal Gowns

    How to Make the Wedding Dress of Your Dreams by Susan Andriks This is one of the best Bridal Gown books of all time.  It is out of print yet we still maintain stock on some bookstore returns that are in a gently used state. Regular new price is $19.95.
  • Sew to Success!

    How to Make Money in a Home-Based Sewing Business by Kathleen Spike

    Custom sewing is growing, along with an appreciation for fine hand made clothing. Kathleen Spike is an excellent role model for the profession. She not only makes executive salary in her business, but has been a leader for her colleagues. Learn how to make money in a home-based sewing business.  128 pages.

  • Sew a Beautiful Wedding

    by Gail Brown and Karen Dillon

    This book will help you identify your image and body type as well as the gown style that will compliment it.  It covers selecting, preparing and sewing with bridal fabrics and laces.  It also includes many types of hem, button, and spaghetti straps and loop  techniques; embellishment tips for adding pearls and beads; as well as making slips, headpieces and veils. There is a handy planning checklist and a sewing time line to make sure you finish your dress before the wedding.

    Hundreds of clear line drawing guide you through the techniques.