Design and fit any style of pant using The Palmer/Pletsch Tissue-Fitting Method. Pant fitting expert Helen Bartley will guide you through five days of fitting and sewing your best pants. Learn easy ways to re-style an altered pattern. Sewing techniques demonstrated include zippers, pockets, and waistbands. The Palmer/Pletsch pant pattern Butterick 6845 and lunches are included.

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Helen Bartley teaching 5-day Palmer/Pletsch pant workshop

This class will help you master fitting and sewing any pants.

In this 5-day workshop you will learn to sew pants that fit your body and your style. Master sewing zippers, pockets, the waistband of your choice, and creative hems.

The Palmer/Pletsch Tissue-Fitting Method of pattern altering is internationally known for its success. We start with a presentation that walks you through pant fit basics, fabrics, and notions, too.  You will tissue-fit and alter your pattern, cut from fabric, pin fit, and learn to fit-as-you-sew for the very best results.

For your first pair you’ll start by choosing from a menu of pant design options for leg width, rise, waistbands, and hems.  For your next pair you can choose from more zipper and pocket options.

The reference book is Pants for Real People by Pati Palmer and Marta Alto. It is in its second updated edition. See more information below.

You can also change up this basic pant in numerous ways and make it your lower body roadmap. For your next pant you can choose to sew a trouser style or a no-side seam pant.

Pati Palmer with student at Palmer/Pletsch pant workshop
student at cutting table at Palmer/Pletsch pant workshop



Since this is already a 5-day workshop, we will incorporate teacher training. Those who sign up will receive a complete digital file of handouts for classes, slide program with script, and teacher tools. A special evening session from 5:30-8:30at the end of the first day will include dinner and an introduction to teacher training. Then practicing fitting will be integrated into the next four days.

This session also allows you to order the Palmer/Pletsch basic fit patterns at a reduced price for use in your classes as well as ordering Palmer/Pletsch products at wholesale. This session also allows you to apply to become a Palmer/Pletsch CSI.

Palmer/Pletsch teacher training

Take fit again.

On your first return visit to the pant workshop you can fit and sew for FOUR straight days. You might want to try our latest no-gap vertical welt pocket. We’ve developed great instructions. It adds time, so we don’t recommend it for your first pant workshop. If you want to learn to fit and sew jeans, we suggest our Jeans That Fit 5-day workshops in Portland, and/or get Marta Alto’s Jeans for Real People DVD or streaming video.

And again, and again…

Each time you return to Pant, you’ll build on your fitting and sewing skills, and new challenges in details and/or design will be added. You will love sewing with the experts as they guide you to fitting and sewing beautiful pants. If you teach pant fit, you will see even more body shapes and improve your skill in fitting others. You’ll become a master in pants!

This workshop is held at Sew-Op + Maker Space in Vancouver, WA, across the Columbia River from Portland, OR.

Sew-Op Exterior

1507 Broadway, Vancouver, WA 98663

The Book You’ll Want to Have—Pants for Real People Second Edition — Updated in 2019

by Pati Palmer and Marta Alto

Forget the fitting shell! Toss the tape measure after taking just one measurement! Now, with just the hip measurement and the help of Pants for REAL People, by Pati Palmer and Marta Alto, women of all sizes, shapes, and ages can try on the tissue-paper pattern to see how to fit the pants they sew. Tissue-fitting, a technique devised and perfected by Palmer/Pletsch over three decades of hands-on teaching, has never before appeared in print for pants. 192 pages

Pants for Real People book by Pati Palmer and Marta Alto


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