Fit Teacher Training • Philadelphia


NOTE: Teacher training is only available in conjuction with a workshop registration.

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You may purchase this teacher training in conjunction with registering for a fit workshop in Philadelphia. SEE WORKSHOP OPPORTUNITIES HERE.

Spend the day fitting others in a variety of fashions so that you will be confident when you are on your own teaching. Pamela Leggett will be there observing, helping, and available to answer questions if you get stuck. You will also receive a download with camera-ready handouts for your classes, slides and a script for teaching Fit, a variety of slide presentations in PowerPoint (which allows you to rearrange slides for any length presentation), class format ideas, sample promotional flyers and marketing materials. You will be able to order the McCall’s Palmer/Pletsch basic fit patterns at a reduced price for use in your classes. Includes lunch, professional camera-ready materials, and download of digital slides with script. The value of the slides alone is over $1,000. The price of the class is $195.


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