A Gift for Life – Teach Young Children to Sew SPECIAL


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Give the Children in Your Life the Gift of Sewing!

The Winky Cherry System of Teaching Young Children to Sew offers children as young as five the basics of hand sewing, starting with felt birds and then moving on to dolls. 

Children will be off to a great start with My First Sewing Book and My First Doll Book kits, along with our DVD Yes, I Can Sew!

Get all three for $29.95 plus shipping. (A $50.85 Value)

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My First Sewing Book comes as part of a kit, which includes two sets of precut shapes from quality felt, 3 yards each of four colors of crochet thread–enough to create two projects, and 43 patterns for additional projects.

Making a doll is a way for children to capture a spirit, make a friend, express skills, and expand awareness of the world and their relationship to it. My First Doll Book is part of a kit which includes two cut-out dolls (two different skin tones), crochet thread, and yarn for hair.

In Part 1 of the Yes, I Can Sew! DVD, My First Sewing Book is read to the child watching the DVD. Selected video of children actually doing the steps is included along with the pages from the book. Part 2 is a close-up, speeded-up segment of a boy, Brian, creating his own sewn, stuffed bird. Part 3 shows how to make patterns for more shapes to sew.

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