Interfacing and Pattern Paper Combo Offer


1-yard packages of Sheer and Light PerfectFuse Interfacings plus a package of Perfect Pattern Paper

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PerfectFuse Interfacings

What you can’t see is what can make the biggest difference in the quality and appearance of garments. Using interfacing will make such a difference in having professional-looking garments that fit and flatter your body.

• Perfect Fuse is extra wide — 60" and 66" — over twice the width of most interfacings,
for easy cutting of larger pattern pieces!
• Each package of interfacing has its own separate use,care and how-to instructions.

Each weight has its own distinctive characteristics and uses. Sheer and Light are similar in weight, so what are the different uses? Sheer provides crisper body. Use it in collars and cuffs. On some smooth fabrics, Light may show through, whereas Sheer won’t. However, Light fuses to textures better than Sheer. Designers use Light as an underlining in 3-ply silk crepe de chine jackets. It makes a great underlining in any jacket where a little extra body is needed. It’s open weave adds breath-ability. Keep Light in the bag as it can snag–another reason we sell it in a package.

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Perfect Pattern Paper

This multipurpose grid-printed tissue paper is the essential design and fit tool for crafters, sewers, and quilters. The sturdy, translucent quality makes it compatible with pattern tissue for alterations and tissue-fitting, and it is strong enough to sew through without tearing. Our fitting students love it and wouldn’t be without it!

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Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 11 x 8.5 x 3 in



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