Interfacing Stock-Up Kit – One Package Each Sheer, Light, and Medium 1 Yard Interfacings Plus Perfect Waistbands Interfacing


It is the inside of clothing that counts when body or stability is needed in a garment. Our line of high-quality, wide (60″ plus) weft fusible interfacing is the best for fashion sewing because it was specifically developed – by sewers – for sewers! Try it and you will see the difference in your finished sewing projects. With these three weights of interfacing plus Perfect Waistband Non-Roll Interfacing in your sewing room, you’ll be ready to sew nearly any garment. When you’re ready for tailored projects check out our PerfectFuse Tailorultra.  PerfectFuse comes in black and white. Perfect Waistbands is white.


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Here’s what you’ll get in these four packages:

PerfectFuse Medium

60″-wide rayon/polyester fusible weft interfacing

PerfectFuse Medium is great for dresses, blouses, and jackets where a little more body is needed. Sometimes designers even use a soft luxury fabric for a jacket, then to give it more body, they interface the entire front so it doesn’t look droopy. These hidden ingredients have been manufacturers’ secrets for years.

• Most often used on upper collar and facing of unlined jackets.
• To add body to cotton or other fabrics for machine embroidery.  Preshrink both fabric and interfacing.
• Wider width allows fusing to large pieces without piecing.
• Use on jackets where fabric is too heavy for TailorUltra.
• Washable and dry cleanable. See instructions on back.
• The high rayon content is for softness, so please preshrink.

PerfectFuse Light

60″-wide polyester fusible weft interfacing

This PerfectFuse interfacing is ideal for underlining and fusing to textured fabrics.

• Great for fabrics that need extra body.
• Crosswise stretch makes it compatible with stretch wovens and lightweight knits.
• 60” width means you’ll rarely have to piece it to fit larger garment sections.
• Adheres well to textured surfaces.
• Adds soft body—great as underlining for woven fabrics.
• Prevents stretch in buttonholes.
• Washable and dry cleanable. Does not need to be preshrunk.

PerfectFuse Sheer

60″-wide polyester fusible weft interfacing

PerfectFuse Sheer is ideal for silky blouse-weight fabrics and cotton shirtings, as well as knits.

• Perfect for lightweight fabrics—polyesters, silks, cotton, stretch wovens, and rayon.
• Fusing agent won’t show through to the right side.
• Polyester weft does not need preshrinking and will not shrink or bubble with washing. (Do preshrink your fabric before fusing.)
• Texture is fine and smooth enough to use with whites and sheers, yet has a crisp feel, perfect for collars, cuffs, and front facings on blouses and shirts.
• Perfect to stabilize bias neck facings and add body to zippers in fine fabric.

Perfect Waistbands

1″ Non-Roll Monofilament Nylon Waistband Interfacing

6-yard package- 4 Easy Steps! You will never go back to anything else after using this interfacing in your waistbands!

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