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Looking Good . . . Every Day!

Style Solutions for Real Women

by Nancy Nix-Rice

Any woman can look and feel lovely, regardless of her age, bank balance, or pant size, and Looking Good . . . Every Day defines a simple yet sophisticated standard for women to determine exactly which clothes and accessories will showcase their unique beauty. The “points of connection” method explains that the more characteristics that exist in common between a woman and her outfit, the more lovely she will look. It shifts emphasis from hiding her perceived figure challenges and focuses on spotlighting her personal assets. By choosing wardrobe additions in this way, everything in her closet will work together. She has more outfits from fewer garments, allowing her to buy higher-quality garments without increasing her budget. Photography of real women—ranging from 22 to 80 years old and from size 4 to 24—illustrates the universal impact “points of connection” make in their appearance.

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If you have a closet full of clothes but “nothing to wear,” this book will change all that. It will help you get your clothes, accessories, and makeup to connect to every aspect of YOU—including your lifestyle.

You’ll start by:

Defining your unique style personality
• Creating a personal “body map” to define your silhouette
Pinpointing your most flattering color choices
Diving in to clean out and organize the clothes you have
Recognizing what doesn’t work, and learning to say goodbye!
Identifying clothes worth keeping, and how to make them worth wearing
Learning sanity-saving shopping strategies for any budget

Looking Good…Every Day features makeovers of real women of many ages, sizes, ethnicities, and professions. This book is for everyone! With the knowledge you’ll gain, you’ll be able to:

Use “Points of Connection” to find your best makeup, hairstyles, skin care, and eyeglasses
Recognize the best lines and designs for your silhouette
Choose colors that spotlight your unique beauty
Link unexpected color combinations into stunning outfits
Pack easily and quickly to travel in style

With these skills, you’ll quickly be ready to build a 12-piece capsule wardrobe that can yield 96 different outfits! Plus, use the same principles to design smaller capsules for casual and dressy occasions. You’re already one step closer to a closet of outfits
that look great on YOU!

When you understand what works for you, it’s easy to start looking good … every day!

208 PAGES, 8.5 X 11
ISBN 9781618470409

"Nancy Nix-Rice guides us to look good through photos, illustrations, and great copy. It’s almost as if she’s standing next to us, saying, “Try this!” No matter your age, style, and pocketbook, you’ll find this your go-to fashion reference."

Nancy Zieman, Producer/Host of TV’s Sewing With Nancy
and founder of Nancy’s Notions

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