McCall’s M7904 Misses Shirt Pattern


What makes this shirt a little different? In all views, there is no horizontal bust dart because it has been rotated to the hem, adding width to the lower front. Matching width was added to the back. This camouflages a fuller waist. Be even more creative by cutting some pieces out of one fabric and the others out of another.  Add variety by using the asymmetrical hemline on front and back. Add even more variety by adding a ruffle to the back and to one front. The sleeves are totally interchangeable and can be used on any of the views.  On the long sleeve, the upper sleeve is cut on the crosswise grain and the under sleeve on the lengthwise grain for changing the look when using stripes. You can change the grain, even to bias for a plaid. Your choice!

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Loose-fitting shirt has button front opening with separate placket, collar with neck band, and length and sleeve variations. The long sleeve features our famous “painless placket” that Marta Alto created for our Painless Sewing book in the 1970s.

After tissue-fitting and cutting, you should be able to sew this shirt in 3-hours. If not the first time, maybe the second time. We’ve specialized in shirt techniques for years and you can follow speed demon Marta Alto on our shirts DVD.

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