The Food Nanny Rescues Dinner Cookbook


The Food Nanny Rescues Dinner

Easy Family Meals for Every Day of the Week

by Liz Edmunds

We know—this isn’t a sewing book. But we LOVE this book! Over 200 delicious kid- and budget-friendly recipes plus strategies for successful family dinnertimes, this 288-page book is more than a cook book. Here’s a SAMPLER PDF…

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“The one most important thing you will do for your family each day is to cook dinner and sit down together at the dinner table”

~Liz Edmunds

Turn off the TV! Turn off the computer! Even if there are only two of you home for dinner, eat together and reap the benefits of a stronger family bond. When families eat together consistently, everyone wins. Studies show that children who have regular meals with their families typically:

•  Eat healthier.
•  Are less likely to use drugs and alcohol.
•  Get better grades.
•  Are more likely to discuss serious issues with their parents.

As the Food Nanny, Liz Edmunds helps families with her theme-night solutions and strategies for successful family dinnertimes:

•  Get past the “Yes, buts…” that are keeping you from cooking.
•  Plan meals the easy way: a template, pantry list, shopping advice.
•  Involve family members in the preparations.
•  Fill your home with the aromas that convey caring, safety, and comfort.
•  Engage your kids in dinner conversations.
•  Have a family homemade pizza night.


288 PAGES, 8″ X 9 1/4″
ISBN 978-0-935278-77-4

“Liz Edmunds takes the key ingredients of life—friends and family—
and mixes them into a daily tradition of mealtime.
These are vital nutrients to keep family and mealtime thriving.”

~ Debbi Fields, Founder, Mrs. Fields Cookies, and mother of five daughters

“There is hardly anything more lovingly bonding in a family than mealtimes together with good home-cooked food, good conversation, and good moods. The Food Nanny helps families make these important family times yummy!I recommend this book for every family—especially those who think they don’t have the time or talent to cook great dishes.”
~Dr. Laura Schlessinger, international radio talk host and author, Stop Wining, Start Living.

Edmunds offers up a collection of 200 classic family favorites in this terrific home resource. Virtually every classic dish is represented, from Chicken Pot Pie, Pot Roast and Tuna Melts to Buttermilk Waffles and Apple Pie, as well as a few surprises like Sopapillas and even French Baguettes… dishes for varying tastes and skill levels. Even those who have never set foot in the kitchen will be able to put a meal together quickly with her easy-to-follow guidance. Classic American Lasagne, for example, calls for jarred sauce and prepared lasagna noodles, but also offers recipes for the noodles themselves and a Bolognese sauce for cooks so inclined. It’s this distinguishing approach that makes the book suitable for honing skills and self-challenging….It’s impossible to fault Edmunds broad, deep and crowd-pleasing collection.
~ Publishers Weekly

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    “As a neighbor and friend of Liz Edmunds, The Food Nanny, I can say that she practices what she preaches and cooks! Liz has always had unbounded energy directed daily to her family, attempting to make mealtime—which can be filled with chaos and frenzy—into an enjoyable interlude of fun, conversation, and connection. I endorse Liz and her book because she takes the key ingredients of life—friends and family—and mixes them into a daily tradition of mealtime. These are vital nutrients to keep family and mealtime thriving.”
    ~ Debbi Fields, Founder, Mrs. Fields Cookies, and mother of five daughters

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