Yes, I Can Sew! DVD Video Tutorials Teaching How To Sew


Yes, I Can Sew! Hand Sewing DVD

Children can make their own collection of hand-stuffed animals by watching narrated, step-by-step instructions plus video of children sewing.

44 printable pattern PDFs included!

This is part of The Winky Cherry System of Teaching Young Children to Sew.


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5-year-olds CAN sew! Boys and girls can make their own collection of hand-sewn stuffed animals.

In Part 1, My First Sewing Book is read to the child watching the DVD. Two voices narrate each illustrated step, from gathering tools, threading a needle, then sewing and stuffing a felt bird. Selected video of children actually doing the steps is included along with the pages from the book.

Part 2 is a close-up, speeded-up segment of a boy, Brian, creating his own sewn, stuffed bird. Part 3 shows how to make patterns for more shapes to sew.sewing-patterns-kids

The DVD also includes a shopping list, a letter to grown-ups, a special rhyme for teachers, and more about the program. Yes, I Can Sew is the newest teaching tool in a system developed and perfected by Winky Cherry in her nearly 40 years of teaching children from kindergarten through 4th grade how to sew. It is based on her book, My First Sewing Book, which can be purchased to go along with the DVD if desired. The book is available as a kit with felt shapes, printed patterns, and thread for making two of the birds shown in the DVD. Or, using just the DVD, the parent can purchase felt and make shapes using the printable patterns.dvd-lessons-kids-sew

For more information about The Winky Cherry System of Teaching Young Children to Sew and My First Sewing Books, visit our children’s pages.

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