Sewing Videos – DVD and Streaming Video Tutorials

Palmer/Pletsch DVDs bring to life the styles and techniques in our books.

Learning how to sew with sewing DVD  and streaming tutorial videos is a fun and effective way to expand your sewing skills.  Almost like having your own private sewing class in your own home sewing studio!

Add some lessons to your sewing supplies- In fact, it can be even better than going to a school for sewing because you can watch the video repeatedly to better learn how to sew great looking and fitting dresses, tops, jackets,  and pants and even jeans!

Learn how to sew clothes that flatter a full busted figure by using the full bust adjustment called FBA.

High- quality production videos show you step by step each sewing technique so you can improve your sewing skills and expand your range of projects to sew from clothing to home decor!

  • Full-busted women buy oversized clothes so they can button the front. Now you can buy patterns to fit your upper chest, neck, and shoulders and easily learn to alter the front to fit your C, D, DD, or larger cup size. This two-hour video could forever change your appearance!
  • Pants for Real People Fitting Techniques DVD

    featuring Pati Palmer Pati Palmer teaches you how to tissue-fit a fitted and trouser-style pant. She covers how to buy the right size pattern, get the tissue ready and fine-tune the pattern before cutting. She addresses accuracy, common alterations, fabric pin-fitting, and waistband fitting. Companion to the book Pants for Real People. and the DVD Pants for Real People—Sewing Techniques 1 HOUR 20 MINUTES

    Pants for Real People Sewing Techniques DVD

    featuring Marta Alto Learn how to sew great looking pants that flatter any body. Marta Alto shows you how to sew a fitted pant and a trouser, including invisible and fly zippers, two pocket techniques, pressing creases, a waistband with give and a non-roll waistband, lining, and invisible hems. Companion to the book Pants for Real People and the sequel to the DVD Pants for Real People—Fitting Techniques
    5 out of 5
  • Full Busted? DVD Sew Clothes That Fit!

    featuring Marta Alto Full-busted women buy oversized clothes so they can button the front. Now you can buy patterns to fit your upper chest, neck, and shoulders and easily learn to alter the front to fit your C, D, DD, or larger cup size. This two-hour video could forever change your appearance! 2-HOUR DVD
    5 out of 5
  • Jackets for Real People: Tailoring Made Easy!

    featuring Marta Alto Sew a jacket and ALL your FUTURE sewing will improve! This is a TEACHER ON A DISK! Sew your jacket as you watch Marta Alto sew her lined blazer. Follow along as Marta sews a lapel-style jacket with double-welt pockets, vented sleeves, sleeve heads and lining for maximum learning. Clear, step-by-step close-ups take you each step of the way. TWO HOURS and 54 MINUTES Hi Capacity DVD
  • Jeans for Real People

    Learn to Fit and Sew Jeans for Your Body! featuring Marta Alto and Pati Palmer Pati Palmer, McCall's Fit Expert, has been designing jeans patterns for McCall's since the 1980s. Marta Alto has perfected sewing jeans details. Together they show you how to achieve the look and fit you want, beginning with the right size pattern. Learn the latest way to tissue-fit your jeans pattern: first tissue-fit like any pant, then give it the “jeans fit” in fabric—all before you do any sewing. See jeans in many fabrics (Marta's favorite: all-bias jeans!) and learn about fabric selection and preshrinking, notions needed, and topstitching threads. Watch Marta sew a pair of jeans from start to finish, including jeans details and how they go together, plus seam options--flat-felled or mock flat-felled. Whether your figure type is full, petite, or curvy, you'll see how to fit YOUR body. THREE-HOUR TWO-DVD Set
  • Looking Good Live! DVD

    Look Like a Million...for Considerably Less by Nancy Nix-Rice What you need to know about style, line, design, and color to flatter you. Featuring wardrobe consultant Nancy Nix-Rice and based on the classic wardrobe book, Looking Good...Every Day. Learn how to look like a million NOW—not after you lose 20 pounds, win the lottery, or build a bigger closet. Nancy shows you how to dress the body you have and make it the best it can be. Learn to create “points of connection” between you and your wardrobe—colors, styles, design details and accessories—to spotlight your assets and minimize your challenge areas. See Cindy’s wardrobe transformation and discover techniques to update your own closet. Whether you buy clothes, sew your own, or both, you’ll never again have to utter those famous words: “I have nothing to wear.”  
  • Will This Fabric Work for You? DVD

    Pairing Fabrics to Your Designs featuring Katrina Walker and Pati Palmer Save time. Love what you sew. Care for it so your garment will last. Pati Palmer and Katrina Walker guide you through the steps to making a perfect pairing between fabrics and patterns. Make your fabrics work with your designs using special techniques. Pati and Katrina explain fabric sewability and discuss the easiest fabrics to sew. They not only discuss fibers and fabrics, they also teach important tips and tests to guarantee successful sewing. 2 HOURS
  • Learn to Sew a Shirt or Blouse

    featuring Marta Alto Marta Alto shows you how to fit, cut, mark, and sew two styles of shirts. One has a collar with a band, the other a convertible (fold back or button up) collar. She covers fit, fabrics, choosing the right interfacing, sleeve placket and cuffs, hems, and buttonholes. Marta can make a quality shirt in two hours or less. Each one you make will be faster and easier to sew! 2 HOURS 7 MINUTE DVD
  • Serger Basics DVD

    featuring Marta Alto and Pati Palmer Learn to master serger basics with the help of this two hour video based on our book Sewing With Sergers. You'll learn how a serger works, tensions, stitch types and uses, threading tips, and techniques like turning corners, gathering, rolled edges and flatlocking, plus easy details including collars, cuffs, hems and binding. 2-hour dvd  
  • Creative Serging DVD

    featuring Marta Alto and Pati Palmer Marta Alto and Pati Palmer will show you how to maximize your serger and have FUN using it. In this two-hour video see close-ups of all the tips that make decorative threads work on YOUR serger. And you will see a fashion show of creative clothes. 2 full hours
  • Learn Machine Embroidery— Machine Embroidery Made Easy with Marta Alto

    Watch how to create perfect stabilizing, perfect hooping, perfect stitching, plus creative ideas for clothing, the home, children, and accessories. A 1 HOUR 43 MINUTE DVD