Sewing Shop: Patterns, Books, DVDS and Notions

Sewing Shop: Patterns, Books, DVDS and Notions

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  • 4-Day Fit Sewing Patterns Workshop

    Because we do hands-on fitting, we continue to be innovative and fine-tune our skills. We’ve examined and used many approaches to fitting over the years. Today we teach what works the best and easiest for YOU! We do very little measuring because measuring does not tell you all you need to know about the body you are fitting. Learning to tissue-fit patterns is a process. We fit you, then teach you to fit yourself!
  • Bridal Gowns

    How to Make the Wedding Dress of Your Dreams by Susan Andriks This is one of the best Bridal Gown books of all time.  It is out of print yet we still maintain stock on some bookstore returns that are in a gently used state. Regular new price is $19.95.
  • Sew a Beautiful Wedding

    by Gail Brown and Karen Dillon

    This book will help you identify your image and body type as well as the gown style that will compliment it.  It covers selecting, preparing and sewing with bridal fabrics and laces.  It also includes many types of hem, button, and spaghetti straps and loop  techniques; embellishment tips for adding pearls and beads; as well as making slips, headpieces and veils. There is a handy planning checklist and a sewing time line to make sure you finish your dress before the wedding.

    Hundreds of clear line drawing guide you through the techniques.