FIT SEWING PATTERNS 4-DAY WORKSHOP — Vancouver — September 23-26, 2022
September 23, 2022September 26, 2022
Portland-Vancouver Sewing Workshops, Sew-Op + Maker Space 1507 Broadway Vancouver, WA 98663

Learn to Fit Clothing to Your Own Unique Body

Because we do hands-on fitting, we continue to be innovative and fine-tune our skills. We’ve examined and used many approaches to fitting over the years. Today we teach what works the best and easiest for you. We do very little measuring because measuring does not tell you all you need to know about the body you are fitting. Learning to tissue-fit patterns is a process. We fit you, then teach you to fit yourself. We start with a comprehensive presentation of The Palmer/Pletsch Tissue-Fitting Method. You will then alter the bodice and sleeve of the Palmer/Pletsch sheath dress fit pattern so you will have your own personal “upper body map” to remind you of your alterations for the most fitted garment you’d ever sew. It is optional to tissue-fit the skirt and fabric-fit the sheath dress.

fitting sewing patterns in portland

You can then tissue-fit any blouse, dress, or jacket pattern and apply what you’ve learned. Initially it will be faster and easier to select Palmer/Pletsch patterns with alteration lines printed on the tissue.

The altered tissue replaces making a muslin. Therefore, you can confidently cut your fashion fabric. You will learn to pin-fit the fabrics and fine-tune the fit to both sides of your body. The goal is for you to be empowered to sew any pattern you like and to make it fit you.

The workshop includes the Palmer/Pletsch learn to fit pattern and lunches.




This session will be held from 9:00am to 5:00pm the day after the workshop. Lunch will be provided.

Whether or not you aspire to teach, an additional day of fitting practice will boost your confidence. Why not? You are already here! You will fit each other with the instructor only jumping in to help when necessary. This is a very different experience from focusing only on yourself. You will learn how to see what alterations are needed. We want you to think for yourself and be empowered before you go home. Join us if you can!

You will receive scripted slide programs which, if not planning to teach, you will learn from by reading. For those wanting to teach, you will also receive camera-ready handouts for your classes, a variety of slide presentations in PowerPoint (which allows you to rearrange slides for any length presentation), class format ideas, sample promotional flyers and marketing materials. The value of the slides alone is well over $1,000.

This session also allows you to order the Palmer/Pletsch basic fit patterns at a reduced price for use in your classes. This session also allows you to apply to become a Palmer/Pletsch CSI.

NOTE: Teacher Training can only be taken if you are also registered for this workshop.



This workshop is held at Sew-Op + Maker Space in Vancouver, WA, across the Columbia River from Portland.

Sew-Op + Makers Space in Vancouver, WA

1507 Broadway, Vancouver, WA 98663 • (360) 227-5005


Take fit again.

The study of fit is ongoing. As fashion changes, there are new fit challenges. You will have four full days to tissue-fit and fabric-fit all the new patterns you desire. Bring questions you want answered, and plan to spend time watching others being fit—there is much to learn in that process!

And again, and again…

Continue to refine and MASTER your fitting and sewing skills under our expert guidance. If you teach fit, you will want to watch even more bodies being fitted and more alteration challenges tackled. You will truly achieve your masters in fit!!



The Pamer/Pletsch Complete Guide to Fitting bookThe Book You’ll Want to Have—
The Palmer/Pletsch Complete Guide to Fit

With The Palmer/Pletsch Complete Guide to Fitting you’ll learn all facets of bodice and skirt pattern fitting and alteration to give you the background and guidance needed to achieve a custom fit on any pattern from any company.







  • Helen Bartley
  • Helen Bartley is a lifelong student of sewing, and her empathetic teaching style is all the better for it. A Palmer/Pletsch Certified Sewing Instructor and corporate educator, Helen teaches the workshops in Portland/Vancouver. Helen is also the author of Fit and Sew Custom Jeans and served as technical editor for the Palmer/Pletsch book Knits for Real People and as contributor, garment sewer and model for that book and the highly regarded The Palmer/Pletsch Complete Guide to Fitting.
  • 360-896-7206

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